Welcome! Here is a brief recounting of my story
I was raised in Queens NY in a conservative Jewish home and graduated H.S. in 1968. I immediatley embarked upon a year of Hippie travel, met my wife, married her and was continuing on my lost and confused travels through life when I was intercepted by Yeshua the Jewish Messiah. That was April fools day 1970 ... the first day I was NOT a fool.

48 years later(as of 4-5-18)... my wife (same one) our 6 children and their repective husbands/wives still walk with him.The children have blessed us with 23 grandchildren, who (those that are of age to understand) also love God and walk with him.

Over the years we have served in full time Pastoral ministry as well as other supporting positions in the Body of Christ. Our message is as follows ...

  • Laying sound foundations
  • Rooting out shifting sand
  • Teaching the roots of our faith and their Hebrew connections
  • Building upon the Rock which is our Lord

Our goal is to present all men and women as mature as possible,that we may joyously run into His arms when we meet Him and shout Abba Father.